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*i would play can you drag 200 miles with just your fingernails...*

woooo 2 more days of school left, and i feel greaatt! patwick gets back on saturday, which makes me very happy. but shh dont tell him that. he doesnt need to know i actually care. So finals were this week, and they went pretty well, cept for history and geometry, which = yucky yuck yuck. i just had the best conversation EVER wif jeen...check it out on her lj at xdontleaveyetx. so hmm..what am i going to do this summer break? well work...ill be at the shore all this summer, so anyone who wants to, can come and visit me, cause i get so lonely *THIS MEANS YOU JEEN* and i got some concerts, warped in august, weezer/dashboard on july 26th, umm probably some other ones thrown in there..who knows. not much in my life has happened lately, wif patwick being gone. im so happy jeen and douglas are back to normal, cause i love them both more than they know! hehe crazy kids.
so i think im gonna go get the naval pierced tomorrow..i think if not, sometime next week. my mommy and i arent sure when we will be able to. but whenever i go, im bringing jeen so she can hold me little hand when they do it, cause i need her there wif me! i know like everyone and their mom has their naval pierced, but i really dont care, because i like it. oh no, im conforming. thats crap. if what you like is liked by lots who cares. you crackheads. well thats my whining of the day...

* i want you to know, i miss you, i miss you so*


and jeen ~ you are the pweeettiiiessttt grrl i know, so dont worry about it...THEY are attatched to our kneecaps, and theyre worthless
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