XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

Harry Potter = Happiness Forever

I just watched Harry Potter..man what a stupendous movie. it really is. go and see it. The mah bought it for me on Tuesday, gotta love her for that. So this weekend...hmm just about somma the mostest fun I have ever had. Richie and Pat were down with us at the shore, and i heart those boys forever. They both played the guitar every chance they got, and of course patwick sang, blah blah. The only thing that woulda made it better if i had jeen there with me! hehe wolfay + jeen = lotsa love. So yea i pretty much went to bed at like 12 every night cause i got so worn out from the beach, and patwick put me to bed everynight, very nice, such a good boy hehe.
So Tuesday, got the HP movie, didn't do much but watch that all day, good times. Had so much homework..blah. Then i had the history and behavioral science essays, which i think i did pretty well on, at least i hope. and then dhasdjhasdha FUN TIMES at jeen's house swimming. haha so much fun. doug stopped by, which just added to the good times. haha and jeen locked herself in the car. weeee. and then pat stopped by, and dropped off richie's hoodie from the weekend. it was niceeee seeing him, since i never get to see him during the week, since the cracker left it in there when we went to go see star wars (another movie, just cause sexxxy hayden christensen is there...mmmmm yum)

well i gotta go bathe myself...its hott out!!!

xoxo wolfie xoxo
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