XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

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What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty

i am the hottest thing in the world. hahahaha. yes anyway, figured i'd make a quick update. Its almost Friday, thank god, the week hasn't gone tooooo bad, but tomorrow starts Memorial Day Weekend. YAY! richie and patwick are staying for the weekend so it better be lotsa fun. and jess neil and meg anderson will be down there too, so yaaay for my friends i love them to death. so jdd, which was last week = tonsssss of fun. me and lee got our dance on, hes a great kid, good times. poor lil scottie hoover didnt have a good time...thats stinky. speaking of stinkie...i hung out with stinkie (jeen jeen) all weekend. which holy trash was the funniest and funnest time ever. ecspecially in the car, with her doug and el. and at jimbo's house. and i have the bruises to show just how fun it was....

xoox wolfie
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