XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

Only the Good Die Young

What Color of Gwen's Hair are YOU?

What Color of Gwen's Hair are you?

yay me likey the color boo

so yea, nothings happened this week. Me and Joey did a lil spanish and geometry after skool. maannn joey mullan is the greatest kid to hang out with, lotsa fun with that boy..kinda feel sad for him, cause hes got this whole thing going on with his ex-girlfriend, but hes a good kid, so hopefully everything will work out well for him. so i think im hangin with pat tomorrow nite, which of course, will consist of...watching movies, but itll be fun cause yea something silly always seems to happen. and then..in 8 days...his prom! yayyayayaa thatll be lotsa fun cause maaannn do i love my dress. and at jdd w/ richie, me and jeen get to be..somewhat twins, our dresses are basically the same color. i love the weekends...theyre so great

i cant seem to remember to forget you,

xoxo wolfie xoxo

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