XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

florida florida florida

well here i am ...down in florida...and i wanna come home cause im really homesick...i miss jenna and patrick more than the world, and lunches with el, and ahhh everyone...at least i can take over the computer for an hour or two each nite to have some contact, and ill be back tuesday so it shouldnt be too bad. just all of you know that i love you and miss you alot...and that there are ALLIGATORS BEHIND MY GRANDPARENTS HOUSE. yes. gators. great. oh yea, and its ummm about 85-90 degrees out here each day. ill bring a lil tanage back to you all, ecspecailly my whities jeeners and patrick, and of course, my smelly elly. i love you all and i should go to bed.
kissssesss from the beach and mickey

x wolfay x
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