XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

It'll be quick and painless i promise

well earlier i felt as though i was having A HEART ATTACK. could be because my appetite has been MIA for a couple..umm weeks. and im still a running along like a little spring chicken. me and jeen were spring chickens today in gym. wahoo. yea so i leave for the FL tomorrow at about 5 period. i get to eat lunchie with my babeh el, and then i must depart. kinda sad, considering this week has shown me that i might not be COMPLETELY cold hearted. but hey, lets not jump the gun, the jury's still out on this one. ive come to this conclusion as i have actually show affection towards patrick. somewhat anyway. it feels as though i felt when i first met him. all giddy and silly. yea well whatever. see theres the coldness again. personally i think the reason i hated him..okay not hated but i wasnt too infatuated...was THE WINTER. see this thing has run from the end of november to well, today, April. i have this seasonal depression thing, you know with the sun and not enough of it and trash like that. so i think now that it's past easter, which means closer to summer and sun, im getting better. just my guess?

you're on my side, and you're my best side

xoxo wolfay xoxo
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