XwolfieX (wolfieeeee) wrote,

Sunday, Wonderful Sunday

I love Sundays. They're a day for relaxing, being lazy, and..eating lotsa food. But anyway. I'm still down the shore, which i don't really like too much. Takes me away from the friends and the nightly phone calls from patrick. I always feel bad about that relationship. I mean, i do like him, so i should probably show it. But sometimes, i wonder what I see in him, in the boy who's ADD more than anyone i've ever met, who tells the most pointless stories, whos completely obsessed with plays and singing, who, no matter how mean i am to him, will never ever be mean to me? Maybe it's the fact that he's ADD more than anyone i've ever met, tells pointless stories, obsessed with singing, and would never say a mean thing to a grrl in his life. Yea, i think that's why. As much as i say he doesn't, he does mean alot to me...i..well i hesitate to use the word love, because im not exactly good at the whole emotion thing, so i guess adore is good...i adore him more than...well alotta things. i just dont know why i don't realize this until i dont see him for days at a time..oh well. im fickle i suppose. off to bed is the next thing on the list i suppose...

xoxo forever alla you!

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