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Stop the bus, i'd rather be lonely...

mmm i looveeee ben folds, he's so very lovely.

anyway, the weekend's just about over...it was a half decent one though. kinda just slept a lot on saturday during the day, then went to 5 30 mass, which was an event in itself, since i haven't been to church in about 439278297 gazillion years...but yea. So then we went back to pat's made some pizza, and watched a movie...for such an easy going nite, i'm pretty damn tired.

today i just loafed around a bit, watched the snowfall, kinda half-hoped for a snow day tomorrow (really want the delayed opening..) watched sju vs duquesne and now the giants and the 49ers... im getting ready for dinner now, which should be...i dont know, but my parents have been fighting all day (something about dinner-- they fight about the stupidest things) so i'm off to go eat some salad and see what happens...
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