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What a Wonderful Day!

Today was the best day ever. Why you ask? Well, for one, it's spring break. Two, it was soooo warm out today. Three, i layed outside all day and read books. and Four, i am the proud owner of tan lines. Yes, its only march, not even Easter, and i have tan lines. Such a great day, it really was. plus my windowns open. another sure sign that summer is on it's way. Hmm..so yea i had another lazy day, which is great, because its spring break, and who needs to do anything. and jeen jeen better be prouda meeeee cause i did a little running. now that ive been doin it everyday for a few weeks, its not quite so bad. and you feel good afterwards. so heres a good tip of the day: RUN. even if you dont like it, you will someday. me no mind. and also jeen jeen..i should be back at least on friday and sunday, b/c ive got that whole thing on saturday to do. so no matter what, ill see you, even if its on sunday. i heart you baby!!! im gonna go bask in the glory of spring break rite now...

love to you alllllll

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