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finally, the long-awaited spring break is here

well its finally here. the long awaited spring break. the first day off, and i woke up around 9. not too much sleeping in, so i went to the mall and dress shopping for jdd and junior prom. no luck there, but i did find 2 other dresses and a pair of shoes. One dress is for Pat's sister, Colleen's, wedding this Saturday, April 6th. The other one is just a pretty one i saw and wanted for the summer. and the shoes are for the dress for the wedding. my grandmom is in the hospital down in florida, with some heart problems. I hope she'll be okay, so if you're into it, keep her in your prayers for me, otherwise at least say 'hey. i hope she doesnt die.' or something. i might have to go down to florida in 2 weeks. i know, what a horrible life i lead. i dont mind that i'm going down, i just wish it was under different circumstances. i know my mommy's kind of a wreck, but my aunt pat's down there with my pop-pop and grandmom. shes a cardiac nurse and knows like...everything in the world, so she made sure shes in a good hospital with a good doctor. Thank god for my aunt pat, she's done so much to save our family, like when my pop-pop had heart attacks back in 98 when i was in 6th grade, she told the doctors of a new drug that would help him. and it did. and when i was 3, and i had a ceizure at her house, she helped me to get breathing again. plus shes a really cool lady. hmm..i just had some frappucino, and now im wide-awake. woo hoo. and on that note, ill be peacin out....

i love you all times the world


ps. happy easter to all!

pps. umm happy ?? passover ??? to all you jewish people out there
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