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Finally, This Three Day Weekend

You have no idea how incredibly happy I am that the 3-day weekend is finally here. It hasn't been too bad so far. Yesterday afternoon,I finally got to talk to Ashie, who I havent really seen or heard from at ALL lately. We talked for about half an hour, and then we were both going out, so we said our good-byes. I went into Philly with Pat and Alan to go see a Battle of the Bands at St. Joes. I knew a few of the kids in the bands so it was nice. It was a fun time, and of course, Alan and I fought like we always do. But it's all in good fun, I think at least. And then after that was over, Pat just brought me home, wasn't a late nite at all, i was in bed by 11, cause I sleep way too much. I woke up around 11:30 the next morning (today) which..yea thats about 12 and a half hours of sleep. Good Stuff. Tonite i was supposed to go to Jeen-Jeen's house, but that didn't work out, but thats okay. So I came down to the shore, which is where I am now. I got to talk to Jeen Jeen for like 35 minuteson the phone today, which was really good, cause I miss her, since i never ever see her anymore. So today, all in all, was good, my daddy made me some good food tonite, which I'm happy about. Hopefully the next 2 days will be good, even though I have a crazy research paper to finish...sigh...oh wells..

i love you all X 38743748123743892739817329

xoxo wolfie xoxo
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