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So its been an eventful few weeks. Skool = out for 2 weeks today, and i've loved almost every single day. okay lets just fast forward to this week. On wednesday i went down to OC to see my most favorite boy evaa, patwick, and we hung out and went to the boards with his friend kevin. hmm lotsa crazy times that night, you wanna know, just ask. So then on Thursday, Pat brought me back to LBI since his parents had to leave early on Friday, so it was just easier. We got down round 9 30 or 10, and he slept over. we played some pool, and watched some tv till like 12. and then we just laid upstairs until i was so tired i was delirious, and god only knows what i said during those times. all i know was that it was lotsa fun, and i love that boy more than anything in the world. hehe. and then i thought of if this lasts a ridiculous amount of time, say like...next summer, im gonna be sad cause in one year he leaves for college. i know its a long way away, and who even knows how long this will last, but i was tired, and i tend to over-react at 1:30 in the morning sometimes. so yea i did something i never thought i'd do that night. NO NOT THAT. i cwied in front of someone. not just anyone, a boy. a boy who's not supposed to know that he has the ability to make me cry because i love him so much. and wow now ive become really stupid and i can't believe i just wrote this. so forgive my grrliness for a minute there, and just know that i had lotsa fun this week and...yea good times.

xoxo forever

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